Ebm-papst und AL-KO THERM unterstützen Hochschule Esslingen


Seit 65 Jahren bildet die Hochschule Esslingen den Ingenieursnachwuchs an der Fakultät für Gebäude-, Energie- und Umwelttechnik aus. Am 21. September konnte das neue Laborgebäude eingeweiht werden, um Theorie und Praxis noch besser zu verbinden. Dort steht den Studierenden u.a. ein transparentes Lüftungs- und Klimagerät zur Verfügung, das ebm-papst und AL-KO THERM der Fakultät zur Verfügung gestellt haben.

HVAC unit with sight glasses


For use in the laboratory, the housing of the HVAC unit was equipped with sight glasses in order to enable students to observe the processes that are usually invisible. They can now gain a first-hand impression of how rotors, filters, heaters, coolers and fans actually work. Thanks to this ventilation and air conditioning unit, the students in Esslingen now have the opportunity to prepare themselves for their future careers using the latest technologies. The prospective building services engineers are trained in heating, air conditioning, sanitary and control technology as well as energy and water supply.


State-of-the-art and energy-efficient radial fans

In terms of ventilation, two energy-efficient RadiPac radial fans from ebm-papst are used to circulate the air, with one of the two installed fans being equipped with hollow aluminum blades. The position of the motor represents a good compromise between compact design and the most favorable aerodynamic placement of the motor in the impeller. The air is channeled in the direction of the main flow of air at the impeller outlet, thus significantly reducing the pressure losses associated with air deflection.


Membrane humidifier enables precise humidification


The AL-KO HYGRO OPT membrane humidifier installed also uses cutting-edge technology. It humidifies rooms without generating droplets, condensate and aerosols. The membrane humidifier contains demineralized and fully deionized water in extremely durable membrane envelopes that reliably separate the water flow and the air duct. In an adiabatic process, gaseous water passes through the membrane to ensure precise humidification. This process serves to rule out the risk of legionella formation in the air duct.

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